The Tyranny of Dragons

Adventure Log 000

The Start of Adventure.

Welcome to the beginning of your story. You live in the city of Greenest in the southern end of the Sword Coast. Some of you may live and work in town, some of you may live on the outskirts by yourself, or maybe you are just passing through. You may have grow up with some of the other players or maybe this is your first time meeting. Irregardless you are all meeting on the 21st of June for a job offer.

 Gundren Rockseeker, a dwarf and brother to town council member Nundro Rockseeker, has asked for workers for a mining operation. Even though the full details of the operation have not been detailed, the rewards are more than enough to peak your interest. 

What you Know

  • Gundren Rockseeker runs several the Rockseeker Mining Operation in Neverwinter.
  • He has a new mine he wants to open up, but needs some strong workers to clear out an goblins around the mine and to help start up the mining operation.
  • Horses will be provided. They are yours to keep at the end of the of this job.
  • Travel will take 20 days on horseback traveling 12 hours a day with a 15 minute break every 3 hours.
  • Once at Neverwinter you will split into 2 groups.  The first group will go on ahead to Phandalin to gather the Gundren's workers from the town mine  and get them ready to go. The second group of "swords-for-hire" will escort is wagon of supplies to Phandalin. Goblins often try to loot wagons on Triboar Trail.
  • If you can deliver his wagon to Phandalin and escort his workers to the new mine You each will be given 50 Gold Pieces and a percentage of the mine's profits. (To be negotiated at the jobs completion)


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